LaNita Joseph Dance & Cultural Center

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Division 2 Age 9 to 16

Diamond Divas Majorette Team

The Majorette Team is a team of girls who practice, rehearse and performs in a style mostly done in HBCU's and on the hit show Bring It! The Diamond Divas perform in parades, concerts, competitions and individual shows through out the year! s Diamond Divas are required to take two classes! They take two classes, one technique and one performance in addition to rehearsal time! Call 773-807-3546 to reserve your spot to audition today! No experience is necessary! 

LJDC’s junior companies will advance the health, technique and career of students ages 5-17 and 17 – adult, through dance. The intention is to provide professional dance instruction, mentorship and community. Responsibilities required to master the discipline of dance also translate to discipline in life and creates success. The mission is to teach students to treat themselves with respect, while using dance as an outlet and a tool for success. This program will be measured by each individual student’s growth and performance. There will be a set amount of skills that will be tested as well as a performance that will be held at the end of each session. This program is a best practices program. It explores not only the discipline of dance but in teaching students dance while also giving the opportunity to perform, teach and advance a student’s career. The dance program will focus on African Diaspora styles of movement that affirm body image as well as European dance styles to aide in fostering a well-rounded dance program.

Program goals:

  • Keeping your commitment & fulfilling responsibilities
  • Arriving on time with dance gear (shoes, appropriate dress and
  • positive attitude)
  • Proper Dance etiquette
  • Proper preparation physically (warming up), perseverance, learning from mistakes
  • Body Awareness
  • Changes, personal hygiene, physical boundaries
  • Healthy Living
  • Proper nutrition, sleep, balance, healthy choices, bouncing back from failure
  • Understanding the Mind/Body Connection
  • Self-Expression
  • Dancing with your soul, choosing a non-judgmental perspective,
  • channeling energy and creativity in order to create beauty through
  • Self-Management
  • Making your own choices based on what is best for you, surrounding yourself with others who share your same priorities & values
  • Beauty
  • Enhancing your individual beauty while avoiding toxic habits
  • Dance Technique
  • Ballet, jazz, hip hop, and African dance technique