LaNita Joseph Dance & Cultural Center

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LaNita Joseph Dance & Cultural Center is a non-for profit performance/educational group that promotes a positive self-image through theater art, media, poetry and dance. Our performances are as original and innovative as they are dynamic and conceptually strong. We always have a positive message and our goal is to inspire individuals to find who they are and just be. Our goal is to expose as many people as possible to this message, especially women, LGBTQ community people of color and in urban communities.

LJDC is temporarily inside The Harold Washington Cultural Center at 4701 s king drive.


Our Mission

Our mission is to spread social awareness about youth violence, race, sexuality and gender issues through the performing arts. Our goal is to provide a safe space in underserved communities to educate entertain and enlightened urban youth and the world we live in.

Our History

LaNita Joseph Dance & Cultural Center is a grass-roots, non-for profit

performance/educational organization that promotes social awareness

issues for women, children, minorities and the LGBTQ community through

theatre and dance. The theatre was founded by a young black woman

named LaNita Joseph, in August of 2006. The purpose of Anita Davis

Dance Theatre is to provide an avenue for self-expression through

dance, in turn, empowering young women to take control of their

health, self-esteem and choices while also giving them a skill that

they can use to become productive members of society. Our mission is

to teach unity among different cultures while learning to accept one’s

own culture and celebrate the differences of other. During the six

years of operation we have self-funded free dance programs, outreach

programs providing direct service as well as holding several

performances in large venues including the Harold Washington Cultural

Center, The Museum of Science and Industry and the Portage Theater.